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Course of Honour nominated for Rare Male Slash Exchange

Course of Honour is in the Rare Male Slash Exchange tagset, which means we can all request our heart out by prompting everything we ever wanted for Jainan/Kiem.

All info about the exchange can be found here: [community profile] raremaleslashex.

Fic Rec: And Indeed There Will Be Time, by emilyenrose

Well, darn if someone didn't finally write a Course of Honour fanfic! I haven't read it yet, but the person who pointed me to it knows the author's work in other fandoms and speaks well of it.

And Indeed There Will Be Time, by emilyenrose

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A post for FIC PROMPTS!

We all know we NEED The Course of Honour fic. So this is the place, in the comments, for your FIC PROMPTS, which can be answered with links to your fic, or in subthreads (ideally both)!

Reasons I don't normally write fic for unfinished works:

the fic I started is now completely out of character for Jainan :(

Who are your fancasts for the characters?

I just started reading this fic and I'm wondering who your fan casts are for the characters. I'm imagining Kiem as John Boyega (but could be convinced otherwise). I don't know a lot of actors so I'm interested in who you suggest!
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The Course of Honour by Avoliot DESERVED its own comm!

Come here to discuss Avoliot's fantabulous novel, "The Course of Honour"; post fics, speculation, comments, critique, art, and anything else you feel will help us spend more time in her terrific universe! 

Or, you know, think chair-like thoughts.